A kepen a Piarista Kilato Kozpont kepe lathato.Piarist Outlook Center

The Piarist Outlook Career Guidance and Labor Market Development, Methodological Center is an institution performing a complex set of tasks the main goal of which is to support the career guidance and job finding of the young people having special education needs and/or living with disabilities. During this activity, it maintains relation with all the concerned players of career guidance and labor market and provides for them personalized services. In addition to the complex career building of the young people, its goal is to effectively assist parents, teachers, career consultants and employers as well, based on their individual needs indicated by them.
At the same time, the Center also performs the role of a country level methodological, research and development center. In this role, it is an integral part of the functioning systems of education, training and the labor market, at the same time its comprehensive, integrating approach and up-to-date, practical, personalized supporting method has a gap filling importance. Among its important basic principles you can find      long term personal mentoring, accompanying, network and teamwork based way of thinking and community development.


The Piarist Outlook Career Guidance and Labor Market Development, Methodological Center as a service providing research and development institution assisting in the provision of nationally and internationally recognized career guidance tasks is the  creative and community site of the development of such inclusive approach based career planning methods, services, which can contribute to the establishment of an innovative, inclusive and competitive labor market of Carpathian basin, to the realization of the individual career of students and young people living here and requiring special attention.

Mission of the Piarist Order

The founder of the Piarist Order is Joseph Calasanctius who devoted his life to teaching poor children.

The Calasanctius way of thinking, the Piarist service has ten identity elements:

  1. Central role of the children and young people
  2. Commitment to the poor
  3. High quality education and pastoral work
  4. Proclamation of the gospel
  5. Renewal of the society
  6. Shared mission
  7. Inclusion of family
  8. Accompaniment
  9. Preparation of educators
  10. A sense of belonging to the church

For the persons contacting the Outlook Center the religious attitude or practice of faith is not required. At the same time, the Center performs its tasks in accordance with the Calasanctius intent, integrating in the Piarist tradition, and continuously keeping in mind its values and goals.

Individual and Group Services

Within the frame of our service activity we develop relations between the players of the career guidance and the labor market. We provide up-to-date information in connection with the professions, trainings, labor market and the career building as well. We build on the career- and work diagnostics, and also on the analysis of the individual skills, interest and the personality. We prepare the young people for conscious career building, we provide support and assistance to them in their decisions relating to selection of training and school, profession, job search and choosing workplace. The personal career counselling service can be added by accompanying, and reacting to the individual needs by a development process elaborated for the tools of our creative workshop.

During our professional-methodological activity, we cooperate with the domestic and international organizations with relating goals, we collect and systemize the domestic and international good practices, methods, models, we adopt methodologies and based on the demand of the target groups we develop new technologies and methodologies. We develop and operate professional network, and perform knowledge management tasks. Our task is research relating to our professional activity, collection, analysis and evaluation of information, execution of own research projects, and promotion of the practical application of the results. We take part in the organization and execution of exchange of professional expertise, events, and conferences supporting knowledge sharing.

The services provided by the Piarist Outlook Center are provided for young people requiring special personal attention of the age of 10 to 33 years. Among them we pay special attention to the handicapped, not learning and not working young people (NEET). Our career coaching processes are performed involving the parents, families and the concerned teachers.

In our center professional counsellors assist in the orientation among the professions and trainings and in the world of work. The counselling work is based on the career and work diagnostics, during which the assumption of skills and interest represents the initial point of the service process aiming at the successful personal career planning.

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In Vác, next to the Géza király (Géza King) square, under the name “Anzelm Garden” you can find the earlier monastery being owned by the Lady of Hungary Franciscan Province. It had already a lot of functions until finally it could become a part of a new, ambitious plan.

As a result of the cooperation between the Franciscan and the Piarist orders, after the full scope reconstruction of the building, this is the place where the Piarist Outlook Center started its operation.

The building is a wheel-chair accessible one. The personal consultations and sessions are held in the smaller rooms opening from the comfortable hall. The larger rooms are used for the group sessions and other programs.