KILÁTÓ Központ – Viewpoint Center

Kilátó Piarist Career Guidance and Labor Market Development Center is an institution that main objective is to support the career orientation and work placement of young people with special educational needs and / or disabilities. Through this activity, the institution maintains contacts with all the actors in career guidance and the labor market and provides them with personalized services. Our goal is to help parents, teachers, career counselors and employers alike, in addition to building a complex career path choice and development for young people, based on their specific needs.

KILÁTÓ center is also a methodological research and development center on a national level. As such, it is an integral part of the education, training and systems of the labor market, but it has a comprehensive, integrative approach and an up-to-date, pragmatic, tailor-made approach to providing support to any actors of the labor market. Important principles include: long-term personal mentoring, accompaniment, networking and teamwork, community development.

Our mission

Our mission is creating a complex, tailor-made service-, research and development center and community space which supports the career development and guidance of children with special attention, pupils, and children with special educational needs and young people with disabilities. Our aim is helping young people’s fulfillment through obtaining a qualification and/or finding job.

Mission of the Piarist Order

The founder of the Piarist Order is St. Joseph of Kalazanci, who devoted his life to the teaching of poor children.

Calasansian thinking and the piarist service include ten identity elements:

  1. The importance and role of young people
  2. Commitment to the poor
  3. High quality in educational and pastoral work
  4. The annunciation of the gospel
  5. Renewal of society
  6. Shared mission
  7. Involvement of families
  8. Supervising
  9. Preparing teachers and educators professionally
  10. Feeling of belonging to the Church

At KILÁTÓ center we do not prescribe a religious view or practice of worship to people who are seeking for help or work with us, but we all work according to Calasansian intention, aligning with the Piarist tradition, keeping in mind its values and objectives.

The venue

In the city of Vác, in the neighborhood of Géza király square is the “Anzelm garden” where the former monastery owned by the Hungarian Madonna of the Franciscan Order is located. So far it has fulfilled many functions, and it can now become a part of a new large-scale plan.

As a result of the cooperation between the Franciscan and the Piarist order, after the complete renovation of the building, the Piarist Career Guidance and Labor Market Development Centerfinally can start functioning here.

The institution carries out a coordinating, research-development, methodological and service center function at a national level. Its mission is to assist the career guidance of youngsters with special educational needs and disabled young people.

The building is accessible for people with disabilities. Personalized consultations and lessons will take place in several smaller rooms opening from the comfortable lobby. The larger rooms are occupied by group sessions and other programs.

During the renovation of the building, our temporary address: 2600 Vác, Attila u. 2.

Head of Institution

Miklós Katona
E-mail: katona.miklos@kilato.piarista.hu
Phone: +36 30 366 3510