• Networking
  • Providing information
  • Assessment of needs and requirements
  • Complex state recognition and diagnostics
  • Career guidance activities
  • Mentoring
  • Personalized job search and placement

Through our services we build relationships between the stakeholders of career guidance system and the labor market. We provide up-to-date information on professions, trainings and labor market, as well as career guidance itself. We aim to create career and work diagnostics, skills, interest and personality surveys. We prepare young people for the career choices of their lives, such as training and school choice, job search, placement. Personal career counseling is provided within a frame of mentoring process complemented with employment services.

In our professional methodology we cooperate with related national and international organizations, collect and systematize national and international best practices, methods, models and methodologies, and develop new technologies based on the needs of target groups. We build and manage a professional network and we also fulfill knowledge management tasks. Our task is to provide extended research and methodological competences related to professional activities. We gather, analyze and evaluate information, conduct our own research projects, thus disseminating the practical utilization of results. We develop and implement professional training courses and mentoring courses. We cooperate with higher education institutions and participate in the organization of professional exchanges, events and conferences.

The services of KILÁTÓ center are for young people with disabilities and/ or with special educational needs, from elementary school up to 30 years of age. Special attention is given to NEETs (young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training), we also focus on providing information to the parents, and we involve families, teachers in the career guidance process.

Counseling professionals at KILÁTÓ center help you find out more about professions, trainings and the world of labor. Within the framework of individual and group counseling, mentors support career decision-making, career management skill developments, obtaining qualifications, job searching and employment. Career counseling is based on diagnosis where the skills and interest assessment is the first step to make. In our test workshops youngsters have the opportunity to try out different job related tasks and activities. Those who want to find a job we are able to measure how much they can adjust their knowledge and abilities in that particular job field.