During career counselling in our center professional counselors assist you in the orientation among the professions and trainings and also in the world of work. Counselling is a complex process jointly developed by our experts, the applicants, and their families based on the individual needs. The counselling is based on the career and labor diagnostics, during which the assessment of the skills and interests represents the initial point of the service process aimed at the successful individual career planning, building the way of life.


Free of charge practical, personalized assistance to people looking for a job

By this new, free of charge service the Piarist Outlook Center assists in getting job at the labor market. The Labor Market Counselling is for those persons, who got stuck while looking for a job, having no routine or already became out of practice, who would like or are forced to re-plan their future, their career and are not sure about what they can expect at the labor market.

The service can be taken both personally and online.

You can ask for assistance:

  • in the preparation to the job searching
  • in the preparation of a job application (preparation of c.v., motivation letter)
  • in preparation to the job interview taking place personally or through a video platform

What is included in the counselling and how does it happen?

The counselling has particularly practical focus in respect of all the three phases, that is in case of job searching, preparation of a job application, and preparation to the job interview, we help with very specific, personalized advices, or in case of a position to be applied for, with practical advices tailored to the concerned job. Basically, max. three, pre-agreed consultation sessions can be taken per phase. These occasions can be arranged by meeting personally, in the Vác building of the Piarist Outlook Center or on a pre-agreed digital platform.